Dr. Bilal Ali, President of CMDS' Residential Programs

A warm welcome to you from Fayette House, CMDS' residential treatment center.

Entering treatment is the most difficult and courageous decision you will likely ever make.  The only reason we exist is to assist you in every way possible with your recovery.

You already know there will be plenty of hard work.  Our highly experienced and caring staff will help and guide you.  From the moment you enter Fayette House, you will notice that we offer the highest quality and newest residential treatment facility in the area.  We try to ensure that your comfort is assured by providing the highest quality food, bedrooms, individual HVAC units, professional quality gym, ping pong room, basketball hoop, and 75” premium cable TV for your relaxation.  We believe that, without comfortable and quality surroundings, recovery is all the more difficult. 

The next thing that will impress you is the respect you receive.  For some, this might be a new experience.  We will teach you to respect yourself by how we treat you.  You can count on it.  By entering treatment, you have made a difficult and praiseworthy decision.  By doing so, you have already earned our respect.

Of course, our devoted counselors, therapists, medical staff, and program leaders are the backbone of our program.  You can count on them, too, to assist you in every way.  Every one of them understands fully that their job is serving your needs.  You can count on that, too. 

Note that Fayette House is funded by Medicaid and grant funds. You may be entitled to free care even though you’re not enrolled, or eligible. Ask for details.

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